Dreams Do Come True..


Those of you who know me well will understand why I was speechless on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 3: 30 p.m.

A little history before the big news….

I first want to send out a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has supported Dream Baskets for the past 17 years.

I have a passion for social media and love to see how it reaches target audiences all over the country.  I love to look at how other companies big and small utilize Facebook in their marketing and advertising campaigns.  In addtion,  the ability to incororate InstagramTwitter, YouTube,  and other social media venues makes the entire process even more intriguing.   The Fed Ex Grant last year made me fully aware of how Facebook can be utlized to market your business, your name, an idea, a concept and even a product or service.

After last years Fed Ex Grant Contest,  we were contacted via email from a member of the Facebook Small Business Team.  Living in a world where every other email  is a scam or hoax,  I decided t0 send the email to Andrew Rowland   (PS Deisgns) who is our computer guru and said,  “Do you think this is a legitamate email from Facebook.”  After about few hours, a couple of google searches,  we both responded at the same time – “Yes,  this person is legit and yes,  they work for Facebook.”   It was at that moment I began to wonder,  how did   Dream Baskets, which is  located in the middle of Southern Illinois,  show  up on her radar?  
In February of 2013,  Bess and I had a fabulous conversation about how I market Dream Baskets on Facebook.  I spent 30 minutes talking with her about my passion  ~ Dream Baskets!!  How we started, what we had been through and how Facebook has  helped us grow our business at a time when others had failed.  It was nice to hear about how Facebook really cared about small businesses in the world and wanted to hear from us and help us grow our businesses.
Time goes by and people are busy  and  then I receive another email from my friend Bess at Facebook……  Would you be  available to chat on Monday, January 27, 2014.  My response was, “YES!”.  So at 3:30 my  phone rang  and we began to discuss what had been happening with Dream Baskets since the last time she and I had spoken.   

 As most of you who follow our little company know,  Dream Baskets utilizies Social Media  for over 90% of our marketing and advertising needs.  We have been completely satisfied with the response from customers who follow us on Facebook.  The ability to market Dream Baskets to the world makes the opportunities endless.

So with all of that said….. Here is our big news!!!

I  have been asked to serve on the Small Business Council that Facebook is putting together.  What  does that mean you might ask… Well,  it means my bags will be packed and off to California I go on March 5th.  I can’t even express  in words my excitement.  To sit in a room with 10-12 other business owners and learn from the experts about social media  is just overwhelming.   I am excited to be able to bring back ideas and information to other small businesses in our area.    I promise to blog during my adventure and keep  you posted every step of the way.  Life is an adventure and this my friends is a Dream Come True…..